Responsible Governance of Artificial Intelligence

Funded by the Saltus Group Responsible Artificial Intelligence (2020-2021)

Project Description

The Saltus Group edits a book, that shall be published 2021, and comprises more than 20 articles written by participants of the virtual conference “Global Perspectives on Responsible AI”. The book will spell out in more detail what can be meant by “Responsible Governance of AI” and some of the most pressing technological, philosophical, ethical and legal challenges of AI and AI systems for the next decade will be discussed from a global and transdisciplinary perspective. The exchange with distinguished scholars from different continents (Asia, Australia, USA, and Europe) and from different disciplines (AI, computer science, medicine, neurosciences, philosophy, and law) at the June 2020 virtual conference is an excellent basis to find new answers for pressing questions of responsible AI governance and regulation. 

The forthcoming book will be based on the presentations and discussion at our conference and will consist of the following six sections: AI Governance – Data Protection and Discrimination; General Principles of AI Ethics and Law; How to Frame AI induced Risks; AI, Corporations and AI-based Economy; AI based Medicine and Neurotechnology, and AI induced Security Challenges. 

You can find videos of selected presentations of the virtual conference here.