Global Perspectives on Responsible AI  – Videos

Global Perspectives on Responsible AI – Videos

You can find videos of some of the talks below (in the order of the program):

Day 1

Scientific Challenges for AI

Krishna Gummadi: Foundations for Fair Algorithmic Decision Making

Bernhard Nebel: Moral Principles and Algorithms

Tonio Ball: AI for Medicine and Healthcare

Iyad Rahwan: How to Make Sure Machines Behave Themselves?

AI Legal Framework – A Private Law Dialogue

Christiane Wendehorst: Liability for AI and other Algorithmic Systems

Jan von Hein: Liability for Artificial Intelligence in Private International Law

AI, Corporations and the Law

Stefan Thomas: Autonomization and Antitrust

Jan Lieder: From Corporate Governance to Algorithm Governance: AI as a Challenge for Corporations and Their Executives

How to Frame AI Driven Risks – Part I

Interview with Jaan Tallinn: The Ultimate Risks from Advanced AI

Day 2

Pressing Problems of AI Applications and Digitalisation – New Ethics and New Law?

Ralf Poscher: Artificial Intelligence and the Right to Data Protection

(How) Should We Limit the Use and Development of Autonomous Weapons?

Toby Walsh: Autonomous Weapons: A Scientist’s View

Markus Wagner: Autonomous Weapon Systems: Where Have We Come From, Possible Future Pathways

Alex Leveringhaus: Ethical Issues in the Autonomous Weapons Debate

AI induced Security Challenges

Ebrahim Afsah: AI and National Security Law

AI Governance – Current Challenges

Antje von Ungern-Sternberg: Discrimination by Algorithm – Does Data Protection Provide any Answers?

Boris Paal: AI as a Challenge for Data Protection – Data protection as a Challenge for AI

How to Frame AI Driven Risks – Part II

Johanna Thoma: Risk Imposition by Artificial Agents: The Moral Proxy Problem

Kate Vredenburgh: Against Rationale Explanations