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AI and related digital technologies have become a disruptive force in our societies and the calls for ethical frameworks and regulation have become louder. We hold that responsibility is a key concept for anchoring AI innovation to human rights, ethics and human flourishing.

As an interdisciplinary working group we have been working on this topic at the University of Freiburg since 2018. Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer, Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller, Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky

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In this picture from left to right: Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller, Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard and Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky. Together, they form an interdisciplinary working group on responsible artificial intelligence.

Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller, Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer, Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard, Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky (from left to right)

The new publication:

Book The Cambridge Handbook of responsible artificial intelligence

On Thursday, 1 December, the Responsible AI Handbook Launch will take place, starting at 17:00 (s.t.), with many authors. Click here for the zoom link:


Silja Vöneky in »Deutschlandfunk«

Prof. Dr Silja Vöneky from the responsible-AI team was interviewed on the role of artificial intelligence for the German radio programme “Deutschlandfunk Kultur”.

The Cambridge Handbook of Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Our new publication is now avaible – as print and Open Access

Responsible AI visits Care Robot LIO

Research Team at St. Marienhaus in Constance.


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You can find out here which research projects and topics we are working on and which networks we are establishing.

“Artificial Intelligence will become an important asssitive technology for humanity.
Importantly, human values and human flourishing should be at the center of AI development.”
Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer
“The changes of human understanding, agency, and alterity need to be reflected as one of the big challenges of AI.”
Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller
“As always when we have the chance to get a new, powerful technological tool, we have to answer the question how we can make sure that we as a society will make the right choices – or at least minimize the risk that we will make the wrong choices; and how do we decide what is right and wrong”
Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky

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Prof. Dr. Wolfram Burgard
Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer
Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller
Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky
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