Workshop Applied Phenomenology

Applied Phenomenology & Phenomenological Interviewing from a Transdisciplinary Perspective

23-24th of June 2022 at FRIAS, Freiburg (hybrid)

Phenomenology-based interview techniques and applied phenomenology gain more and more relevance in the context of medicine. This applies on the one hand to therapeutic contexts, but also to the context of biohacking and posthumanism. 

The aims of this workshop are to discuss conceptual foundations of applied phenomenology and phenomenology-based interviewing methods in medicine. 

This includes the discussion of the conceptual and philosophical foundations of applied phenomenology from different perspectives, e.g. feminism, postphenomenology and technology assessment as well as the examination of inter-,trans- and disciplinary challenges in the field. Further, projects in which phenomenology-based interview methods have been successfully applied are presented, especially in the context of human-machine interaction.

As phenomenology-based interview techniques are a quite heterogeneous and novel field, we also would like to discuss potential convergences and mutual learning opportunities: is there a potential for further conceptual refinement of applied phenomenology and the interviewing methods? How can the interview methods inform theorizing in philosophy and applied areas such as psychiatry and vice versa? What are fruitful connections to fields like hermeneutic technology assessment or postphenomenology?

Organizing Team:

Vera BorrmannLuisa Gerstgrasser, Philipp KellmeyerOliver Müller, Helena Scholl

Confirmed Speakers:

Selin Gerlek (Fernuniversität Hagen)

Oliver Müller (University of Freiburg)

Prisca Bauer (UMC Freiburg)

Marc Strotmann (TU München)

Eran Klein (UW Seattle)

Fynn-Mathis Trautwein (UMC Freiburg)

Galit Wellner (Tel Aviv University)

The topical focus:

Day 1, 23 of June: Applied Phenomenology: Philosophical and Conceptual foundations

Day 2, 24 of June: Phenomenology-based Interview methods 

Registration is required and limited to 40 participants! 

For registration email to: 


Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies (FRIAS); Alberstraße 19; Freiburg. Seminarraum EG

Link for online attendance will be sent upon registration.


23 of June: 2:30pm-7pm; 24 of June: 2:30-6:30pm


 50€ (30€ for students, PhDs)

Responsible Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Dr. Joschka Boedecker
Dr. Philipp Kellmeyer
Prof. Dr. Oliver Müller
Prof. Dr. Silja Vöneky

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